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Hello loves..

Just a quick update tonight, though I plan to post more regularly soon. I'm alive, and though currently exhibiting symptoms of a chest cold, in reasonably good health. I've been terribly busy of late. There's been quite a bit of drama in the last few months but it seems to have passed for now. I'm so delighted that the big holidays are over..only Valentine's Day(or National Singles Awareness Day) to get through and then I'm in the clear again until November..

In the year 2005 I resolve to:

Start a cult.

Get your resolution here

Wow..I've always wanted to start my very own cult..

My cult would be called the Huggers or something like that..a strange polyamorous group of cat worshipping nudists, dedicated to healing humanity through physical demonstrations of unconditional love(See..that where the "Huggers" come in..)
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