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I haven't written here for awhile so I thought I'd stop in for a update for those of you who care and worry. For those of you who don't ::shrug:: maybe you should unfriend me.

Life is good. I got a raise and am working alot, so my financial life is improving significantly.

I'm still working on the grant writing tutorials and stuff for my dairy and nursery. Haven't gotten an appointment at the sbdc yet, but I've been working alot. As soon as my 90 days are up I'll be able to request time off and will make an appointment then.

What else..hmm....My backyard is pretty! I do alot of evening gardening. I really will be having a Garden Party soon! Stay tuned.

I've been doing alot of bellydancing. That, the working and gardening I think are the reasons behind the 20lbs that I found out today that I've lost. Groovy, no? I think I'll just keep it up.

I've been trying to simplify my life and trying to date at the same time. Not actually trying to date. I'm cursed. I think I'm just about to give up on the whole idea or having sex, a relationship or children anytime in the next decade...but oddly enough it doesn't depress me as much as it used to..

Well can't think of anything else to bore you with...

::Hugs and kisses::
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You got a raise? Good deal! I think I'm giving up on trying to do any kind of dating myself too. That cool you lost 20 lbs. I'm still the same. I really need to start doing active stuff or something soon. I've been a bad slacker boy. Yeah, I think I'm giving up on dating too. I just don't feel like dealing with the bullshit that entails. Sorry I haven't posted too many comments lately. I do read (sometimes glance) over your (and everyone else) comments, but it has been difficult to reply to everybody. I only post comments if I think I have something good to say or maybe just funny/witty. :-)
Yes...the whole singles scene sucks. There is so much pretense and posturing. If I have to pretend to be someone I'm not. It's just not worth it to me. I'm really not the type to tiptoe around what I want. I hate all the mind games... And dating services suck. Have you noticed? I just want to find someone I can respect and love, who will let me be myself and vice versa, who is intensely touchy feely and has a good sense of'd think that wouldn't be so hard, no?

Maybe you should try's not just for women and the last guy I saw bellydance was a god..::pants faintly::

::smiles:: I appreciate that you are busy, darlin'. I'm not offended.
yey Bunny!!! *glomp!!!*

I'm glad everything's going well, and awesome for the bellydancing, I imagine it's great great fun ^__^

coolies with your job, and I wish I could go to your garden party but I'm so far!!!! =( *hugs* maybe we can have some tea online n_n

Online tea would be lovely, my dear..::cuddles and kisses::