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journeysong's Journal

12 April
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I'm a child, at least four very different women, and a Goddess sharing one somewhat flawed vessal. Confused? You're not alone. Take a number...

If we've never meet and I've added you as a friend it's because something in your profile touched me or caught my interest, don't be afraid, I only bite on request. If you don't wish to be my friend there are a couple ways to get out of it: don't add me to your friends list in return or add me but never comment on any of my posts.

I'm here to find community. I'm here to find love in all it's incarnations. I'm here to give love. I'm here to heal. I'm here to laugh. I'm here to network. I'm here to give testimony on my life....I might need witnesses later. I'll return the favor.
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